The Best Men's Bar Soap in the Universe! Keepin' it clean since 2014.

Bungo Bar - The best men's soap in the universe!

Man made for all you burly boys, lumberjacks, and frat daddies who don't mind a Natty brew or 2 with your morning power shower. And I didn't forget about all you hippies out there - our soap is:

 Hand Crafted

 All Natural


 Not tested on animals

 Made in Portland, OR!

Here's the rundown..


This isn't basic as in wearing yoga pants with Uggs or bathing with Dr. Bronners. This is basic as in Bungo Bar's original blend for perfect lather and creaminess plus a pop of fragrance. Boom.

Black Label

These Bungo Bars are boldly blended with badass ingredients like beer, clays, and charcoal for a brilliant bathing experience beyond the Basic.


Soap it up, sailor! This bar is made from 100% coconut oil which allows the bar to lather well, even in salt water, and the anise essential oil is known to improve your catch!


You da boss! There's a bazillion ways to bathe. Let Bungo Bar blend a better bar, just for you.


Tees, tanks, and snap-back neon caps. Look fresh and keep it clean.